{January 30, 2017}   Love Is – 2015

Love is helping me to stand, when my body wants to give way but mind is not ready to quit.
Love is telling me that this will be finished, even if I have to be strapped down to do so.
Love is spending an hour cleaning and dressing my wound, being ultra careful not to hurt me more than needed.
Love is getting up early on her day off and driving me to work.
Love is cuddles in bed after patiently waiting for days so that I wasn’t so sore.
Love is driving two hours to come to my rescue because I wasn’t coping. I wasn’t okay and he could tell it just from my voice.
Love is days in bed being looked after when I needed it most and had no strength left for myself.

Love is words unspoken but heard all the same.
Love is mine.


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