{January 30, 2017}   Beyond Limits – 2015

I found a limit over the weekend. Something I will never do again and not for the reasons most would think. I did it anyway, it was started and had to be finished. The damage to my body is nothing compared to what it’s done to my head. There are other things for me to write about, much happier things such as 25 + 1 but instead this is all I am able to say right now.

I had wanted this for a long time. Ever since I saw a guy at a bus stop when I was in my early teens. He had beautiful scars on his legs, designs of swirls and twists but not tattoos. I have always loved body mods, always wanting more and thinking of what to add to my own personal canvas. It’s art to me, expression, beauty in order to make me feel more like me. A scarification was going to happen at some point in my life. It already has. My first was a rose cutting on my left breast but I decided my next had to be a skin peel in order to get the look I wanted.

So I did it. I had it done. The pain was like nothing else I have ever experienced and I don’t know how I got through it. I don’t know how I survived it because to me it was hell, it was agony and so far past what I could deal with. This isn’t said to put people off, I have never handled the pain from blades very well at all. Cutting is difficult for me, always has been. I can’t find a way to deal with the pain it brings me, it’s just pain and I don’t find it fun.

But now that its all over it seems nothing compared to how it feels to heal. So tired and exhausted I can’t walk properly, talk, think, I can hardly feel emotions at all. The only way to describe this is empty. I am left with nothing inside of me yet I am forced to keep going. I have no strength to laugh so all I do is cry. Every movement causes my muscles to spasm and skin to prickle that’s not even there. My body is starting to heal, the pain will get better but it’s not easier to cope with. My head is now broken.

I have never questioned what mods I get. I have never doubted if I should have done it or not. But this leaves me feeling sick at myself. To ask someone to do this to me, to maime my body by removing skin, just to get a scar? Is it worth it? Is this pain worth going through or have I mutilated myself and I just call it art? Am I sick? I feel like I’m sick. Like I am seriously fucked up for wanting it done in the first place and for some how actually managing to go through something which was so far past my limits.

I wanted this. I asked for this. Now I have to live with it.

I’m not proud of what I went through or what I’m going through now. I’m not proud that I wanted it, asked for it and finally got it. I don’t see what I did as a feat of great achievement, I see it as a new level of completely fucked up shit I put my body through.

I reached a limit and went right past it. Now I have to live with my choice because I can’t go back.

I hope this feeling goes away and I can look at my scarification with awe and not repulsion. I hope I see the beauty in it like i did for the guy at the bus stop. This isn’t me. I am not an empty person, I just have to ride this out. I knew it was going to be difficult, you can’t put your body through such trauma and simply be okay. I just never expected getting this done would make me question my own sanity.

I won’t regret this once it’s all over. I just have to heal.


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